Our goal is simple: to help people and businesses upskill with engineering-led research

We define success as the transfer of our knowledge and of our practical experience in the tech industry to practitioners.


Ben Book

CEO & Co-Founder

Ben is the CEO and co-founder of GigaOm, the market leader in engineering-led research. As CEO, Ben focuses on strategy, future directions, and products. Ben is a Bay Area native, based in Santa Barbara.

Howard Holton


As the COO of GigaOm, Howard is a trusted advisor to many Fortune 1000 organizations. He has helped them develop successful strategies and execute their vision. He has a passion for executive leadership, which he developed at Rheem, Hitachi Vantara, Verizon, and various startups.

Elizabeth Kittner


Elizabeth is a transformative finance and HR executive who prioritizes ethics, communication, and people. She is a strategic goal setter and implements solutions for financial health, process improvements, and talent management. Elizabeth enjoys playing sports, swing dancing, and mentoring.


Brent Plow

VP of Sales

With over two decades of experience in leading go-to-market teams, Brent has proven to be an adept sales leader with a keen eye for innovative strategies and a knack for building teams to be their best. Outside of work you'll find him climbing mountains, camping, or volunteering with the Colorado Mountain Club. At home, Brent is a devoted family person, building memories with a loving spouse and two wonderful children.

Adrian Escarcega

VP of Strategic Accounts

Adrian is a research-focused sales leader who consults with clients and helps them work with forward-leaning, engineering-driven analysts.

Will Mapp

VP of Marketing

Will is an international digital marketing executive with over 20 years of driving go-to-market strategy for brands in the cloud & data center industry. He has an acute eye for business innovation and creative strategy.

Jon Collins

VP of Engagement

Jon Collins has nearly 35 years of experience in IT. He has worked as an industry analyst for a number of years and has advised some of the world’s largest technology companies on product and go-to-market strategies.

Michael Desmond

VP of Content & Creative Services

Veteran IT editor, author, and former EIC of MSDN Magazine. Enjoys craft beer, skiing, and everything else about living in Vermont. Mike thinks dogs are great conversationalists and that summer is way overrated.

Catina Ross

PMO Director

Catina Ross has a 20 year career leading and executing complex projects for three global corporations and spent two years in the prison reform space. Her passion for change and diversity fuels her love for executing projects with excellence. Traveling with family and watching a good movie is how she spends her downtime.

Eileen O'Loughlin

Managing Editor of Syndicated Research

Well-versed in technical writing and editing, Eileen is passionate about helping organizations leverage technology to solve business challenges and achieve strategic goals.

Keith Duncan

Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff at GigaOm, Duncan leverages 26 years of experience in operations leadership, organization development and customer relations. His focus on operational excellence, client success, and data-driven process improvement ensures GigaOm's success in a dynamic business environment.

Darrel Kent

Field CTO

An industry veteran since 1972, Darrel joined GigaOm as Field CTO and Analyst. During Darrel’s time in the industry, he has accumulated broad experience across a wide spectrum in Information Technology processes and products.


Ben Stanford

Lead Analyst - (Cloud, Infrastructure & Management)

Ben is based in West London, UK, and is a seasoned IT consultant, and technical program manager, who has worked with all scales of organization from early-stage technology startups to global enterprises.

Andrew Brust

Lead Analyst - (Data, AI, Analytics)

Andrew has tracked the Big Data industry since its inception and has held developer, CTO, analyst, and research director positions at City of New York, Cap Gemini, Gigaom, and Datameer.

William McKnight

Lead Analyst - (Data, AI, Analytics)

William McKnight is a former Fortune 50 technology executive and database engineer. An Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. He helps enterprises with technology architectures and strategies.


Frank Ross

Sr. Account Executive

Sales Professional with 15+ years of experience supporting and advising his clients to achieve their goals and objectives. Frank is married with a young daughter and golden retriever.

Ryan Roman

Sales Operations Manager

Ryan Roman is an army veteran living in Santa Maria, CA who loves building PCs.

Scott Mannon

Account Executive

Scott has 15+ years of sales experience in various fields.He was born and raised in New Jersey and now lives in Henderson, Nevada. He is married with one son and has 3 puppies, Tazz, Nella, and Kobe. In his off time he enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family.


Sharon Terdeman

Senior Research Editor

Sharon is a seasoned editor with over 20 years of experience in providing innovative content for both online and print formats at a variety of technical magazines, including PC Magazine and MSDN Magazine.

Helen Murphy

Senior Editor

Award-winning journalist, Senior Editor, Devex, Editor of Special Projects, GigaOm; Co-founder (watch this space), ex Reuters Bureau Chief, ex Bloomberg

John Baltisberger

Content Production Manager

John Baltisberger is a native-born Austinite and award-nominated author of speculative fiction and poetry. When not working at GigaOm, he manages the horror publishing company Madness Heart Press.


Mike Irvine

Technical Research Project Manager

Mike has managed projects of all sizes and complexities across a range of technology sectors around the globe. Having landed in the PNW he feels perfectly at home in the rain so reminiscent of his native British Isles.

Angel Watson

Project Manager

Angel is a highly motivated individual with over 10 years of sales, operation, and customer service experience. Her hands-on working style signifies creativity, resourcefulness and innovation, combined with a firm commitment to always put her best foot forward to deliver outstanding service to her peers and clients. When she is not working, she enjoys dancing, traveling and spending time with family.

Kenyanna Cornely

Technical Research Project Coordinator

In April of 2021, Kenyanna discovered her passion for task management, successfully finishing projects and self-edification. She currently pursues her BS in Business Administration to continue growing her skillsets.

Manni Valencia

Research Engagement Project Manager

Manni brings over 20 years of experience working as a Communications Specialist in Marketing, Film, Theater, Television, and Tech. Having recently relocated to Washington, DC and he is exploring his love of travel, food, and drink on the East Coast.

Vanessa Cortez

Vendor Research Engagement Manager

Vanessa is based out of São Paulo and works across GigaOm portfolio managing the briefing process for all radar and sonar reports. She recently finished her second bachelor’s degree and loves spending time with her dog.

Jamie Ross

Research Engagement

Jamie Ross is a Briefings and Fact Check Coordinator at GigaOm, where he brings a unique mix of skills to the table. With a background in the arts and a love for communication, Jamie is dedicated to delivering accurate and insightful information to GigaOm’s audience.


Gill Reindl

Senior Director Product & Training

Gill has a passion for developing and mobilizing talent and teams. She has traveled a varied path as a commercial manager, academic educator, and international project manager.

Scott Shultz

Creative Director

Scott serves as the central point for GigaOm’s visual brand experience. From website design to product design and sales enablement materials, he ensures a consistent brand voice for GigaOm.

Jamie Poitra

Senior Software Engineer

Jamie is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in web development. Eight of those years were spent working specifically with media companies. Jamie enjoys finding solutions to empower authors.

Adell Cairns

Delivery Manager

Adell has 20+ years as a corporate communications professional. She is a south Louisiana native with a BS in aviation. She loves to travel, aviation, college football, beekeeping, and all things dogs.

Nic Saunders

Executive Business Partner

Nic comes from a diverse background of academia and theatre production, and most recently has focused on operations within the tech startup space. Nic believes painless growth is possible with the right tooling.

Karrie Haglund-Smith

Client Success Manager

Advisory Services Manager with a proven track record of driving strategic initiatives and delivering impactful solutions to clients across diverse solutions.

Mallory Fetchu

Director of Marketing Operations

As a Director of Marketing Operations, Mallory oversees and optimizes the marketing department’s systems, processes, and workflows to drive efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth.


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